Quality and Value Management

At Lucy & Co we understand that Quality Management is based on controlling projects to ensure that our client’s needs are exceeded whilst also offering a value for money building solution. We do this by adopting a total management approach, where every individual in the construction operation has a quality input to the process.

When you choose Lucy & Co Construction certain prerequisites can be expected from our service. Lucy & Co adopt a professional attitude to all of the works we undertane, providing a first-class package to all our customers. We provide a high level of commitment to every customer to ensure the highest standard of workmanship is achieved.

Our goal is to offer a professional service with an approachable attitude. We strive to form working relationships with our clients by being reliable, approachable, flexible and above all, delivering projects above expectations whilst remaining cost-effective. We use a combination of planning technologies and quality control measures to ensure that we produce a quality end on all of our project works. We have incorporated quality control measures into our integral construction management systems and also setup systems with our suppliers and sub-contractors to ensure that they also contribute to our overall quality process.


With over tweny years of successful operations completed, Lucy & Co Construction fully understand the importance of an established and well managed supply chain.

The good management and strong relationships maintained with our suppliers and sub-contractors is vitual to our day-to-day operations and we strive to ensure that these relationships are jointly rewarding. We constantly review our supplier relationships to ensure that Health & Safety and quality are never compromised.

Our accredited selection ensures that our sub-contractors and suppliers meet our standards on health & safety, environmental and quality issues to help ensure that we deliver a first-class service at every stage of our building process.

Please contact us directly if you are interested in joining our list of approved sub-contractors: info@lucy-co.co.uk


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