Lucy & Co Construction are very conscious of our impact on the environment caused by our day-to-day working activities and also the designs of the systems we integrate into our project works. We work closely with local authorities and building control surveyors to ensure that our works take into account good environmental design and incorporate environmentally friendly materials and products.

We strive to ensure that our projects achieve the best possible thermal and air permeability outcomes and we have experience working closely with numerous BREEAM consultants and achieving excellent results.

When onsite we constantly strive to minimise the levels of pollution to the local environment, minimise the amount of waste we produce from daily works and give full consideration to others around us. All of these statistics are monitored and reviewed to make sure that we continually improve our activities.

As a company it is our intention to enhance the environments in which we work and we expect this from all our suppliers and sub-contractors. It is our policy to continually exceed the minimal levels of performance required by environmental legislation.

Sustainability is a topic that has become increasingly highlighted in recent years as we accept that there are limits to the natural resources available to us. The issue of sustainability derives from the concerns of how we treat our surroundings, the materials we use in our construction works and also where those materials are sourced.

We have made a conscious decision to consider the issues relating to the environment and sustainability when embarking on all new projects. We aim to exceed the minimum standards imposed by Building Control on all of our projects and attempt to limit the impact and energy use of the building throughout its lifetime. We adopt a research and development approach to continually enhance our products and services.

Lucy & Co. are registered with the considerate constructors scheme (00213), in an attempt to formally monitor our activities and provide us feedback so we can continually improve our operations.

This is our fifteenth year sponsoring the Essex Wildlife Trust to help them enhance the environment around us.


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