Lucy & Co. Construction have over twenty years of experience carrying out remodelling, extension and refurbishment work to a vast range of commercial buildings. Remodelling and refurbishing existing buildings saves on both upfront costs and reduces the overall impact to the environment.


We carry out refurbishment project works in all types of environments, ranging from sports facilities to nursery schools. We specifically offer vast experience working on refurbishment projects in both the care and the private education sectors, working for many of the main clients in their individual industries.


We have the ability to work safely alongside our client's existing activities in their occupied buildings whilst minimising disruption to both the client teams and importantly their end-users.


Our years of experience and the relationships we have developed allows us an understanding of these sectors that is first rate.


We are proud of the services that we offer and the reputation that we have established in these sectors, with some of the biggest private providers. We have developed strong relationships with our clients and have built a trust that we can meet their expectations and produce successful project works.